Inside of my head?

Have you ever caught yourself wishing you were Harry Potter or Elisabeth I or your neighbour?... And that you sometimes dont wish to be anywhere else but where you are at that exact moment...


So, guess what! I will one week from now "shake my booty" in front of politicians from all over sweden in Norrbottensteatern with my dance group. Hope I will be able not to hit som random moderat (a person from the conservaty party in sweden). I do'nt freaking like the moderaterna!! They are fu**ing up sweden!

What can i say?!

The girl who said "I'm never getting a blog" just turned on herself.. Sitting here listening to Give me the simple life with Jamie Cullum. What can i say? Makes me want to give those smiling muscles a workout. Another totaly genius musician is Erik Hassle I have only heard 'Hurtful', not a fan o f that one thoug. He sounds too"smörig för mig"... I thought. And then i fell flat on my face. Came across his other songs two hours ago. There is maybe still a little too much smör there but they are beginning to grow on me. Congrats Hassle! Keep up the good work :)
Getting up 6.30 tomorrow :P Good luck with that :S Dance 3h after school. Ballet and contemporary with Lisa Hennix.
Natti natti. Dont let the bed bugs bite!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

Härligt! I will write in english, but if know myself, which i do, i will mix in swedish.. Some things you just cant say in english the way you can say it in swedish + i want my foreign friends to understand what im writing.

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